Preston is undergoing significant change - with huge investment going into the area.

This eBook covers the various different development projects under way, the lifestyle in Preston and some of the best things about an up and coming for your investment.

As we're local and develop properties in and around Preston, we've put together some key information to help make your next investment decision.

Jump on the back of our 45 years of experience in the property industry and learn why an investment in Preston will be a successful one.

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What’s in the eBook?

Part One: Investment in Preston

We cover the ongoing masterplans for the areas in and around Preston from the local council, some of the new developments on offer and why the city is a great place to visit, socialise, live and work.

Part Two: Lifestyle in the City

Preston has been ranked
as the best city to live in the North West in 2019, surpassing both
Manchester and Liverpool. We look at reasons why and what new developments people in Preston can look forward to in the future.

Part Three: Business in Preston

Preston has long been a stalward of UK employment. With large companies such as the NHS, Leyland and UCLAN along with a growing creative industry.

Why invest in Preston?

High Average Yields

The average rental yield for a property in Preston is 6.9%, higher than the national average, this means your investment is yielding a return sooner rather than later.

Growing Market

Investment into the area is pushing property prices up now and will continue to do so in the future. Investing early means you will see your investment increase in value.

Commuting to other areas

Close to key transport links both North and South, Preson is ideally situated to ensure you have a good lifestyle within a commutable distance.