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With our unique insight into the Northern Powerhouse property market and substantial investment into our development, architecture, marketing and planning teams, we're delivering smarter, technology driven projects on time to offer developments that are in demand with both investors and tenants.

The Heaton Group is experiencing an unprecedented period of growth and we want to share our growing portfolio with you. The brochure is your one-stop-resource to find out more about us and everything we do.

So, don’t just get to know us from a glance. You're invited to download the brochure and find out what we are all about at The Heaton Group.

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The Heaton Group: An Overview

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Started over 45 years ago, we invite you to learn about our journey and meet the full team behind The Heaton Group.


We share insights into The Heaton Group’s strategy and explore the future plans being put into place.


Delve into our diverse range of case studies that look through our most recent developments for project break downs.